About Scrub Dress

Scrub Dress was originally created to cater to a population of healthcare professionals that were being under-served and under-represented. The founder of Scrub Dress, Abigail Israel, happens to be a registered nurse that wears scrub dresses to work. One day she realized there were not enough fashionable, yet functional scrub dresses on the market.

So she started her scrub line to foster to that community. Only to later realize, the cause was about more than just that community, but supporting a profession largely populated by women. Our scrub dresses are made from the highest quality of cotton blends. Classical. Timeless. Feminine. Comfortable. Professional. Sharp. Fit to save lives in!

Scrub Dress, LLC Founder Abigail Israel, RN CEO


The Iconic Scrub Dress represents femininity and professionalism. It’s more than a uniform, it’s a statement! It is our mission that our Scrub Dresses inspire and empower women globally one scrub dress at a time. Realizing there is strength and honor in walking in integrity, compassion, and empathy. Strong enough to be a caregiver. Gentle enough to be a nurturer.

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